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#jesse looks like he’s their mom trying to be young and hip and cool #and zach and mikey are just like embarrassed to be seen out in public together

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The Neighbourhood at The Greek Theatre

Photos by Tim Toda - Check out the rest of the photos here (x)

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How early should I get to the concert to get a good spot in line? :)
from: Anonymous

i would say a few hours early, but i should ask around other blogs who have been to their recent concerts.

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petition for jesse rutherford to stop typing with dollar signs in the place of the letter s



all ya gotta do is like &/or reblog this. for the sake of many people’s sanity… do this to make a difference in the world… do it for you, do it for me, do it for the 67k poor souls who have to read jesse’s tweets everyday. thank you. you are making a change.

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The king himself

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i’m trying to get [my hair] back to brown right now and it looks atrocious

jesse rutherford (x)
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Zach Abels | The Neighbourhood in Atlanta | 7.15.14 x

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Doing security for viabeef while he dj’s. 📷: viabeef